Kitchen Measurement Guide
  1. Measure the length for each wall where you plan to put cabinets. Legth 1: from wall corner to door trim. Legth 2: from wall corner to wall end.
  2. Measure window location and size: length 3: from wall corner to window left trim. Legth 2: from window left trim to right trim. Legth 3: from window right trim to wall end.
  3. Measure the location of stove range: length 6: from wall corner to stove edge.
  4. Measure the location of refrigerator: length 7: from wall corner to refrigerator edge.
  5. Indicate the locations of sink and dishwasher: sink centered to the window? dishwasher on left or right of the sink?
  6. Measure the ceiling height: length 8: from floor to ceiling. If there is soffit, measure from the floor to the bottom of the soffit.
  7. Indicate the size for each appliances such as stove, dishwasher and refrigerator. Most of them are standard sizes.
  8. Make a simple floor plan sketch on the paper from your measurements.